Beautiful, colorful flowers blossom year-round and seedheads are constantly produced in this habitat where beneficial creatures such as birds, butterflies and pollinators love to live. Once established, a meadow’s maintenance costs are much lower than a maintained organic lawn. A properly established, ecologically sensitive meadow requires only one seasonal mowing, minimal weed control, and no fertilization, disease control, irrigation or leaf removal. Wildflower meadows are a wonderful and cost-saving lawn alternative and a wonderful example of environmental stewardship.

Other lawn alternatives could include planting or encouraging moss to grow, especially in areas of deep shade, where it will require very little maintenance. Plants that naturally spread out and coalesce into a solid ground cover such as juniper and foamflowerare also wonderful lawn alternatives that control weeds as they flourish.

Ask Plantscapes Organics about options to replace underused areas of lawn or retired child play areas on your property. It can save money, enhance the health and well-being of the environment and create beauty by working within the natural elements present on a property.

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