Over the last 20 years in particular, ticks have become a major problem in the landscape. Feeding on warm-blooded animals, ticks thrive in shaded environments especially on property edges where humans live, work and play. Plantscapes Organics can biologically control ticks nearly as effectively as with synthetic pesticides, when coupled with some simple common sense tick-proofing land care techniques. One such technique is using naturally occurring fungus in the form of an organically approved biological control agent.

These fungi do not affect humans, pets or wildlife, because they have a narrower spectrum of control. Another technique is creating corridors of wood chips or mulch along forest edges of a property, to reduce movement of ticks into a lawn or garden area commonly traversed by humans. Plantscapes Organics will use their unique approach to tick control without harming other creatures, keeping in line with their mission of respecting the ecology of your property and working with its natural elements.

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