Scouting Property: Our trained and licensed Plant Health Care (PHC) technician visit your property throughout the growing season. Through the careful monitoring of your landscape, the PHC technician can determine when pest populations & diseases may reach damaging thresholds on plants. At this point we will take steps to control the pest population. Client will be advised about treatments and future recommendations
Dormant Oil Insect Control: Application to trees and shrubs early in the season to control over-wintering insect populations, reducing spring time bud blossom and foliar damage.
Organic Insect/Disease Control: Applications to trees and shrubs to control various common insect & disease issues.
Compost Tea : Planting bed applications of Compost Tea and Biostimulants to feed and, where necessary, improve soil biology, plant vigor and discourage weed growth.
Fertilizing/Root Feeding: Root feeding of trees & shrubs to improve soil biology, add vital nutrients, and encourage a healthy & vigorous plant which is much less susceptible to attacks from disease, insects, and other stresses

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