Plantscapes Organics will visit your property to assess your organic land care needs. There are two types of consultations: full and targeted.

A full consultation will include listening to your desires and requirements, discussing the realities, pros and cons of your choices based on the needs of an organic system, and a full explanation of what an organic system entails. Full consultations take into account a complete site analysis including the consideration of soils, lawns, perennials, shrubs, trees, wet and dry areas, sunny and shaded areas and the overall layout of the property and its intended use.

A targeted consultation is geared to address a specific area such as tree care, erosion control or plant health. It focuses on the parts and functionality of the landscape as it relates to your need for consultation. For either consultation, Plantscapes Organics will develop a customized estimate for the work, based upon how much research, report writing, permit procurement and number of hours will be required.

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