Even unwanted plants sometimes have their place in a landscape as they naturalize themselves to survive, often in areas of compromised soil. While there are beneficial uses for many invasive plants (teas, tinctures, herbal applications) and some are even nutritious and vitamin-rich, Plantscapes Organics recognizes the importance of balanced ecosystems where invasives need to be removed and controlled.

Plantscapes Organics can help remove and control the spread of invasive plants using organic methods, conventional methods, or a combination of both. The severity of the invasives problem and future plans for the landscape site will be considered in choosing the most effective removal method.

Non-chemical removal of invasive plants using organic methods will include hand-pulling, flaming, flooding, continuous mowing, organic herbicides derived from natural materials, etc.; conventional removal will include all of the above plus the prudent use of approved herbicides. Certain plants considered invasive can also be controlled biologically, using approved natural predators.

Plantscapes Organics will choose management practices that control the spread of invasive plants, monitor and control recurring plant growth and restore ecosystems, including specifying and planting native plants to reestablish indigenous flora.

Balancing the needs of a site where invasive plants once flourished is a key element of sustainable invasives removal, and Plantscapes Organics is dedicated to promoting health in all aspects of your property.

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