The guiding principle of ecological design is working with what is present in the landscape in an ecological and sustainable way. Plantscapes Organics’ goals include to “do no harm,” choose minimal inputs, avoid landscape degradation and choose the right plants for the right places, where they will thrive in existing conditions.

Plantscapes Organics provides site-appropriate design plans that consider all aspects of life on the property, including enjoyment by children, pets, plants, birds, bees and wildlife. Staff will also research impervious surfaces, neighborhood restrictions and assess the potential for rainwater harvesting and foodscaping.

The final products of an ecological design with Plantscapes Organics will include visual illustrations, including an Existing Site Conditions Map, Conceptual Drawings depicting several design scenarios, graphic illustrations detailing specific projects (such as a grading/drainage plan or planting plan) and finally, a Master Plan.

Incorporating the Master Plan into your landscape is called Sustainable Landscape Development & Construction.

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