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Plantscapes Organics, based in Fairfield, Connecticut, offers Westport, Fairfield and all the Connecticut shoreline towns, the highest quality, unique design/build and maintenance land care services without the use of synthetic chemicals or fertilizers. Organically minded since its founding in 1980, Plantscapes Organics pioneered the integration of organic land care practices for clients in the Westport, Darien, Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York regions.

First in its Field

With over 30 years of experience, Plantscapes Organics has earned its reputation as the most knowledgeable and successful organic land care business in the area. Plantscapes Organics loyal, well-trained staff don’t guess – they know – how to best meet your needs from the initial consultation through the project’s completion.

Plantscapes Organics provides the highest quality ecological landscape design, construction, planting, restoration, remediation, gardening and land care services – all performed with approved organic practices and materials, coupled with a respect for the interconnectedness of all things in Nature. Clients are respected as individuals and their unique properties are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Plantscapes Organics’ aim is to design and build attractive, sustainable and restorative environments that respect the ecology of your property while infusing into your landscape pleasing aesthetic elements and stimulating visual features.

Plantscapes Organics recognizes the value of your time and investment in your property by providing outstanding service and thoughtful and specialized organic land care amenities, while maintaining a social conscience and a healthy environment for your family and pets.

What is Organic Land Care?

Organic land care is a partnership agreement with Nature that avoids all synthetic chemicals and fertilizers in an attempt to work within the framework of Nature’s natural system. Organic land care strives to function within a landscape’s conditions as they exist, rather than changing those conditions to compel plants to grow where they are not suited. Plantscapes Organics focuses on caring for soil health to create a nourishing ecosystem where plants and beneficial microorganisms thrive and replenish the soil, empowering plants to be at their best.

Guiding principles of organic landscaping include “first, do no harm” and “right plant, right place.” These mean that one should first respect the environment and work with what’s already there, limiting site disturbances and choosing plants that will thrive in already-existing landscape conditions.

This organic thought process, put into practice, maximizes the inherent beauty of the landscape, encourages plantings to complement existing conditions and greatly reduces damage to the ecosystem. Approaching your property in this way – whether integrating a Westport native plant meadow or a Greenwich woodland garden, protecting wetlands or constructing infiltration swales with rain gardens – will minimize inputs, which over time saves money.The organic principles that guide Plantscapes Organics are based on the

NOFA Standards for Organic Land Care , the nation’s first written organic land care standards. These are updated annually and remain the best guiding principles for organic land care. Plantscapes Organics is accredited by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA).

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